Monday, September 17, 2012

The Potty Game

Yes, I am going to write about my experience potty training. 

Once we got moved and semi-settled we deiced it was time to potty train. 
Lyla has probably been ready for a little while but because of the big move we had put it off. We started when we ran out of diapers once we got to TX, this happened to be on August 30th. 

We went a few days before and bought all the goodies, a potty seat for the big potty, a travel potty seat, a stool, big kid wipes, real panties, a "potty watch," and even pull ups for night time/leaving the house... the works. We have tried the little potty seats before just to get her used to the idea and they were looked at as toys, so we decided to go another way. 

The first few days were hectic and resulted in a lot of accidents because my parents came to visit that weekend and bring us some of our things from their house. The following week, there were still quite a few accidents and even some frustration and (yelling) from me, which I hate to even admit. ((I have to say that the yelling resulted from her getting in trouble and "having accidents" on the floor while she was in time out....))

It took about 1 week and Lyla has been telling us when she needs to go already! I was pleasantly surprised that only took this amount of time for her to do this, I thought that would take much longer and I would be reminding her for forever. 

I constantly reminded her for the first two weeks, non-stop. Now we are at the place where she will just tell us and even yesterday started telling us while we are out and about when she needs to go! We are so proud of our girl! :) 

She have vetoed all potty seats and just uses the toilet like the rest of us, which is fine by me... it makes taking her in public so much easier! 

It was quicker than I thought. Of course we are still working on it, but I am happy with the results and no buying diapers!!! 

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