Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fairy Tale Castle Tour : June 2012

In June we went on a Fairy Tale castle tour and it was amazing! I love that there are so many cool things to do in Germany and I hope to find some adventure back stateside as well. 

We started our day super early at 2 AM to take our bus ride to the Castles:


This is the castle that Walt Disney fashioned his castle after.

This is a view from a bridge

Clearly Lyla was over the picture taking by the time someone offered to take ours. 

I forgot to rotate these, but this is the Castle main entrance. 

Another Castle door!
(we were not allowed to take inside photos unfortunately)
After this castle we headed to a famous church called Wieskirche. Here is a link to the history:

Wieskirche and Lunch:
Beautiful church in a very small town

I could never remember the name, so I took a picture :) 

Beautiful art inside this church

There was a sign clearly stating not to go past a certain point unless you were in prayer. These guests didn't read English or German...lol 

This is the famous crying statue. 

We had a wonderful German lunch, I wish I had taken pictures of the food! 

This huge cross on a "mountain" near where our bus was parked.

And she fell asleep walking back to the bus from lunch. 

Still napping

These castles are beautiful!

Amazing gardens

View of the castle from up top!

It was such an amazing trip, if you are ever in Germany, I highly suggest these places to go see! 

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