Wednesday, March 3, 2010

6 days

Whew.... 6 days until Little Lyla is due to be here! 

This may be the last pregnancy picture I take! 
(Tuesday Feb.23, 2010 )

I absolutely LOVE the new doctor I am seeing on post. She is wonderful and we are on the same page about delivery. 
I had my 39 week appointment yesterday and Little miss Lyla seems very comfortable! I haven't made any progress according to the doctor, but I have been contracting since about 4:30 Monday evening. We are hoping and *PRAYING* to not make it to my next appointment on March 12th (40 weeks, 3 days).

All we need is for these contractions to get consistent and stronger and we will be good to go! This doctor doesn't believe in inducing unless the baby is getting stressed, so IF I have to be induced it wouldn't be until between 41-42 weeks. I 100% agree with this philosophy and can't believe how many women get induced for convenience!

Austin is very anxious as are all of family and friends! 
We absolutely can't wait to meet our little girl and give her lots of kisses! I am ready to see my little "monster" (lovingly nicknamed) who is kicking me in the ribs all the time.... maybe next time I update we will have a BABY! 

Here are some recent pictures of nursery painting and some Puppy Lovin! 
There is also a wall that says "Butterfly Kisses and Ladybug Hugs"

And the Puppy Lovin