Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh us Conleys...

Lyla and I are truly enjoying our friends that we have made recently. We have something planned at least every day of the week and it is nice to keep my mind off of the deployment and just enjoy our little girl.... thats right, not so much a baby any more, but a little girl! 

Lyla got a great Kitchen set that I found on craigslist this week and is loving it to bits!
(She was "talking" to me...telling me "Thanks mom and dad, this is AWESOME!")

We have also been to the Imagine It museum in Atlanta which is great, so many things for the kids to do and hours of fun! Lyla is really kind of starting to play with other kids instead of just along side them, so it is nice to see.

Deployment update: 
Austin has said that they will in fact be gone for the entire year and got their official orders for that this week. It stinks. We were really looking forward to the possibility of getting to spend the holidays together. Good news.... the 22nd will mark our 1/2 WAY POINT!!! Then we will only have 6 more months left to go! 

Until next time...