Friday, September 24, 2010

San Diego

I forgot to put in a little blurb about our San Diego trip!!! 

We had a great time and really enjoyed the zoo, sea world, and walking around on the board walk! We stayed at the Navy Lodge and it was nice!

Lyla was a trooper and enjoyed all the new sights. We got some good zoo pictures, but mommy forgot the camera when we went to sea world :( oopse!

 Lyla was SO happy to be out of the car!
 Austin being difficult to take pictures as usual!

 She's trying to escape...


 Watching the Hippos!


These are the ones from Sea world we took on our phones... not much, but something! 

We were waiting on the Dolphin show! and it was chilly out!

Moving Madness!!!

Here goes the moving madness! 
Because we are moving to Germany we are not "allowed" (like we are 10 yrs old) to take any "oversized" furniture so today our couches and bed got moved to Georgia! 

Next week the come to get all of our other belongings and those will head on over seas to Germany! But before we head that way, Austin, Lyla, and I will be going to LA for a  vacation and to see Austin off to Germany. 
Then Lyla and I will head with mom (Nana) to Georgia for about a month! 

Here are some of Lyla's 5 month pictures: 

 Good Morning with Daddy!
 Working on crawling... not quite there yet!
 I love my jumperoo!!
 Beau and Lyla!
 Lyla and Celia, play group buddies!

Thanks for the new toy mom! 

And here are some 6 month pictures! She is 17lbs, 26.5 inches and growing like a weed! We had some fever issues this time around with the vaccines, but we still feel like it is the best thing to do for her! :) 

 We went to visit my Grandma (Lyla's Great Grandma) in GA for a few days because she wasn't doing very well. Thank the Lord that she is doing OK now!

 The new highchair that Nana got Lyla for when we will be living with them for a year.
 Again working on crawling! lol
 And we went for a quick swim one day while in Georgia too!

We also had professional pictures done and I will post them as soon as I can!

We are looking forward to our Germany adventure, before and after Austin gets back from his next deployment!