Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary Austin Conley!

I love you so much and I am so proud and thankful to be your wife and the mother of your baby girl! Can't wait to celebrate with you when you get back!!! 

Austin and I are planning on FINALLY taking our honeymoon cruise ((2 1/2 year after the fact))when this deployment is over and I absolutely can't wait. So much so that I have already been looking at cruises and trying to figure out where we want to go and on which cruise line... I have yet to make a decision. As they say, Better late than never! 
A photo from our REAL wedding day! 
And then the fun with the cake!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lyla turns ONE!

WOW! A year has gone by...really? A whole year already?!!?

What an eventful one, yet again, it was! Moving from California to Germany and being in Georgia in between and now back in Georgia for the duration of this deployment.
I think our family is just meant to go through many trials and changes and to do it often. Lyla has been a trooper through all of it adjusting fairly quickly to time changes and new schedules. 

I think yesterday, Lyla's birthday, will be the hardest one of this deployment. We really missed Austin being at the party. And silly me... no one filmed a thing! Lots of pictures, but totally forgot to film her eating cake and the singing and all of that. :(

Any way, to Lyla I say:

You are the greatest gift we have ever had the honor or receiving. Like the rest of our lives, the day you were born was a very trying but joyous one for me. 28 hours of labor and a c-section later we finally got to hold our little girl that we had been waiting to see for so long. We couldn't imagine our lives without you in them and are so thankful to God for giving you to us. 

Lyla's Smash cake!
Yummy cupcakes for everyone else to enjoy!

She got into a present early! 
This is how she was the morning of her birthday, but luckily after a nap, she was MUCH happier for the party! 

Goodies for the chocolate fountain.
Candy bar

Me with my Love Bug before the party started
With Nana and Papa
Opening present with Aunt Bekah!

The day was absolutely perfect other than her Daddy not being able to be here. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!!