Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The time is creeping up on us!

27 days left until my due date! It seem like some days the time flys and other days it is taking forever for her to get here! Austin is more than ready and wouldn't be happier than if she decided to come a little early, and with the daily contractions that I now have, I couldn't agree with him more! 

We were headed out to the gym, so excise the no makeup and bad hair!
Nursery Pictures:
(Pack-n-Play is now in our room, see below pictures)


In other baby news, the base here had to send everyone due in Feb and March off post to a new doctor because they do not have enough staff to accommodate all of us pregnant ladies! So far I like my new doctor much better because he actually takes the time to ask questions and he seems to genuinely care. The only thing I don't like is the Barstow Community Hospital. It is much older and not quite as nice as the hospital here on base, but depending on how labor goes, I could be delivering at either place. They had told me that if I am having very close contractions to just go to the base hospital instead of driving almost an hour to Barstow.

As for a general update on us, Austin is working a lot this month because they are doing their own Bradley training... not sure what exactly that is but Bradleys are a type of military vehicle and they are out at the ranges doing practice shooting with them.
There is a picture for you to know what it even looks like.  

And I for the most part just hang out at home and continue to get things ready for Baby Lyla!