Sunday, August 8, 2010

Es ist heiße Außenseite

That means "It is hot outside" in GERMAN! That's right folks, we are headed to Germany... well kind of.

By that I mean, Austin is headed to Germany, but since he is supposed to deploy shortly after, Lyla will be staying State-Side until he gets back. Report date is currently Dec. 12, 2010, but this could change.  

So even after our attempts to be re-located to the south east, the Army decided other wise...

July was a hot hot hot month here in the desert with rarely a day less that 100 degrees out. We enjoyed some mornings at the pool with our play group buddies, along with regular play group days. On Austin's long weekend we spent one very long day out in Victorville (1 1/2 hrs away) shopping and car fixing and Lyla was amazingly good. We are so blessed.
Comparison of the 3 of us!

This month we went through what "they" like to call the "4 month sleep regression" meaning that Lyla started waking up to eat and just be rocked through out the night, but now that is behind us and we are back to sleeping very nicely for mommy! I think this was also partially due to the fact that she hit a major growth spurt where she grew a whole inch in ONE week!!
Lyla turned 4 months old, saw her first fire works, can now sit unassisted for at least 30-45 minutes, started solids (at the end of the month), and weighed in at 14 lbs 1 oz and is 26.2 in long!
 Yay!! Doggies!
 Our first ever attempt at infant cereal... it really wasn't that bad, but Austin happened to capture that lovely picture...
See? Not that bad, but we still decided to wait, she isn't ready yet!
 Pretty girl
 Playing with our buddy Nathan!

Here are some 5 Month pictures: 
 Sitting like a big girl at play group 5 Months old today!

First ever sink bath - due to a lovely mess... bet you can guess what I'm talkin about!

First trip to Denny's, she was amazed at the spoon!

Napping with mommy on the couch, that was a rough day!

On to August where fun adventures await as we are going to explore San Diego....