Friday, April 16, 2010


Well it has been over a month, but Lyla is here, as most everyone knows, and healthy and (unless she is hungry) happy! 
Birth Story: 

After falling in the drive way (again...apparently you get VERY clumsy when pregnant!) we headed into the hospital on Friday March 5th, 2010. They started up the monitors at about 10:30 am, to check and make sure baby and mommy were ok and although we were just fine, I was having contractions every once in a while. *Falling can cause placental abruption which is where the placenta separated from the uterus which can cause major problems, even death, for baby and mommy.* So because of the possibility of the placenta being detached the doctor gave me two options since I was already contracting some.... 1. Be monitored for 24 hours then go home - leaving a chance that IF the PA happened then baby could be in danger as well as me or 2. Go ahead and be induced to be on the safe side... more risks for me but less for our baby girl so that is what we decided to do! 

After having a Foley bulb placed (to force dilation to 3-4 cm) I was given pitocin at about midnight, and shortly after my water broke. All was well and dandy but they kept upping the dose then lowering it back down because my contractions were very forceful and also very painful... leaving to an epidural at about 2:30 am. (NOT in my original plan...) Because of something called Group B strep, which is a bacteria that you are tested for while pregnant, I had only 18-24 hours to get her out after my water broke. 
At 5:PM on March 6th I was checked and had stoped dilating and was swelling back "shut" so the decision was made for a c-section to be done and then we were prepped for surgery and Little Baby Lyla was born at 6:02 PM - 6 LBS 9 OZS - 18.9 IN long. 

Here are some hospital pictures: 

Best moment of my life! 
 Our BEAUTIFUL family!
Time to go HOME!!