Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Let's catch up a little bit Part 2: July/August

Here is part 2! I didn't want to over whelm with too many photos. I also will have a special post about a fairy tale castle tour that we took in June for my birthday/Mother's Day!

July wasn't a particularly eventful month, but we had fun 4th celebration with friends (which I took no pictures of unfortunately), Austin got a promotion, and Lyla decided to "help" get the house ready for moving!
Painting herself with ice cream from our favorite ice cream man, Vito!

I guess she decided to help get the house ready for moving, she had been slowly taking pieces off for quite a while. 

The new "cheese" face!

One of the few pictures of the two of us that is decent.

Playing on her slide on our balcony in Germany. 
Austin got his E6 promotion ! 


August brought the most changes for our family. We had to say goodbye to friends and get ready to move on with this crazy Army life we live. Our friends, the Grissoms, very graciously let us stay with them for a night while we were "homeless" (had to be out of our apartment and the hotel had no openings). Lyla had to say good bye to her best friend, Lexi, and then we headed back to the US!
The guys fell asleep on the couches after a 24 hour shift and no sleep the next day either.

When we finally made it to the hotel, Lyla crashed after 2 days of no naps.

We took a walk to the park one day to say bye to Lexi. 

They love each other!

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