Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Germany - April Catch Up!

I am sad to say that our Germany adventure is soon coming to an end.

I ,as usual, am a terrible blog updater..... but I would love to share with you all some things we have enjoyed here in Germany.

Our time here has been so brief and there are a hundred more things we would have loved to do while here in Europe. We are so close to so many amazing things and I love this country. There is SO much history everywhere you go. Their buildings are hundreds and hundreds of years old and I absolutely love that they just re-use instead of knock down. I have not been to a town that isn't beautiful. The country side is amazing and I acredit that to the fact that all of the little towns along the way have just been built into the natural flow of the land instead of leveling out the land first. I wish we had much more time (and money) to experience more of what Europe has to offer.

Here are some photos from our German adventures in 
Happy Easter!
 We had fun decorating some eggs.
 We went to Belgium and visited Bastogne!
 This was at the Bastogne memorial.

 A chapel under the memorial.
 This is the 101st memorial

 We also went to the Zoo in April in K-Town

 It was really cold that day!
 Japanese Gardens in K-Town
 We got to feed Koi!

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