Thursday, May 27, 2010

The First Shots...

Well Lyla had her first "2 month" shots on Monday, I say it that way because she is almost 3 months... took forever to get into the doctor, but at least I know for next time! She took it all in like a little trooper and only cried until they quit sticking her, which was less than a minute, then she promptly slept the rest of the day!
Beau was checking out the "site"
Pretty sure she enjoyed the Sponge bob Band-aids...

We also had a little photo shoot one day because....well mommy was bored and we still have not had and professional pictures taken:

She is very good at holding her head up now and really enjoys playing on her play mat. Finally getting in a nap routine...kind of... and she loves playing silly peek-a-boo games with us!
So, here are just some favorites from this past week... 
"Eating" her toys, she has finally started grabbing them and really "playing"
Almost a smile for mommy! 
She LOVES when daddy is home to play!

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