Saturday, January 29, 2011

Home on the range...

Well Lyla and I are back "Home". Quotations due to the fact that the word "Home" is very relative in our lives. Georgia will always be Home to me though, so thats what I will always call it! 

Our flight back home was....interesting. From Germany to London she slept (1 hr plane ride) then she slept maybe 1 1/2 hrs the rest of the time. SO my 9 hr plane ride was spent trying to keep a baby (baby that walks=toddler) from trying to terrorize the other passengers. Luckily we were sat on the exit row (no- we were not responsible for the exits, as we were in the middle row) that had this neat pull down thing, almost like the tray you eat off of, but the flight attendant attached a carseat/bassinet to it so she could sit it in! How cool is that?! (will add a pic later)
So she wouldn't sleep and we finally get to ATL around 5:50 PM, I put her in her carrier and we get our bags, get through the passport check, she finally falls asleep THEN...
The only country in the world that does this: we had to go through another security and I had to take her off of me and wake her up!!!!!

But it worked out because when we got to the house I just put her right to bed and the time change was relatively easy. After only a week she is not waking up at night anymore. And even before then she only was waking up once to eat, just because her time clock was so off. 

We are back and enjoying visiting friends and family, but we sure do miss Austin. Thank the Lord for Skype!

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