Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To Germany we go....

November 10th, Lyla and I flew to Germany to be with Austin before his next deployment. The flight was amazingly easy considering Lyla fell asleep at take off and woke up when we landed! When we got to Frankfurt, that was another story. Austin had gone to the wrong airport so Lyla and I went all over the Frankfurt airport trying to find him! Two hours later and we were finally together again! We are just getting settled in and our home goods should be delivered this coming Friday, December 3rd!

November has been a good month for us. Lyla turned 8 months old and is learning so so so much. She is standing and cruising on everything and even took a step with out holding on the Saturday after Thanksgiving! She just continues to amaze us all the time. We have already found a play group here and are enjoying going when we can. We are just really enjoying being together as a family before Austin's next deployment, which is coming up faster than we want it to.

Thanksgiving was great this year. We had our first snow in Germany (which wasn't much for them, but more that I usually see in a whole year!) and we had two friends over to celebrate with us. This was my first time cooking the whole dinner by myself, but everything turned out great!

Here are some pictures from November! More to come...

Right before we boarded the plane

Out big plane to Germany!

 Finally back hanging out with daddy!
 She got a new toy when we got here because we didn't have much for her to play with.
Yummy wipes!

The view from our dining room

Headed to the park to swing for a few minutes

 We went to an FRG meeting. It was close by so we walked!
 Playing guitar with daddy!
 Helping daddy make breakfast for dinner...yum
Our first Germany snow day!

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